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WINDING LAKE DRIVE // Smitharc Architects

Realized as a live-work residence for a young family, the Winding Lake Home utilizes a strong play between interior and exterior relationships through sculpted volumes to create a series of multi-function spaces that maximize flexibility. Immediately from the vantage point at the apex of the adjacent cul-de-sac, the home provides a clear programmatic language through its sculpted forms. Paired with the exterior rooms, the ample amounts of glazing and continuation of materials blur the distinction between the boundaries of the living space to open the home up for a variety of uses that cater to the homeowner’s lifestyle. The home is large in size at 4,800 square feet but manages to scale itself to the site through a series of broad stroke tectonic moves which instantly give the home a distinctive presence. Private areas of the home are set apart from the public space through subtle transitions in transparency. The result of gradients in the pattern of the exterior façade and carefully placed openings is a private setting rich in soft, indirect light that provides the perfect escape from the active nature of the home.


ARCHITECT | Smitharc Architects

PROJECT DESIGN TEAM | Jason Smith, AIA + Signe Smith