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7019 Lake Edge Drive is a soft spoken, understated, contemporary house located in the Lake Forest gated community of Dallas. It is a home that is able to maintain the integrity of its contemporary design aesthetic, yet complement the more traditional surroundings of this established neighborhood.

The Lake Edge Drive home is all about the art. It was designed to feature the contemporary art collection acquired by the owners, one piece per year, over their 30 plus years of marriage. Through the strategic placement of floating walls, room openings, and controlled views, the art is seamlessly integrated into the living spaces of the home. Because of its central courtyard layout, the home is full of natural light during the day, which highlights the transparency and form of the many glass sculpture pieces. At night it is pleasantly transparent, so that art may be viewed across the courtyard and enjoyed from several rooms at a time.

The Lake Edge Drive home integrates art, form and function, technology and nature to provide its owners with a peaceful, serene, yet stimulating environment for living. It is a home worth viewing.


ZERO3 is a professional design firm that integrates Architecture and Interior Design to provide its clients with individualized and comprehensive design solutions. The firm works with its clients from initial project conception through design realization integrating functional, time and money constraints. ZERO3 prides itself with the ability to provide its clients and projects the personal attention required. ZERO3 is passionate about, and committed to, quality design and service of which people are the focus.

Established in 1988, ZERO3 is headed by founding partners Paul Brian Jankowski, Architect, and Jan M. Martin, Interior Designer. The firm has realized steady growth and gained a reputation for distinctive yet functional design, with a strong client advocacy.

Residential projects hold a special passion for both Paul and Jan. It is through the creative opportunities of home design that one can impact, contribute to, and inspire a client’s personal well being, and quality of life.

ZERO3 residential projects range from contemporary urban town homes, to Mid-Century Modern renovations, to early 20th Century remakes, to multimillion dollar contemporary suburban enclaves. They are located in cities as diverse as Boston, New York City, Rumson New Jersey, Dallas and Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Aspen.

In its commercial work, ZERO3 has been instrumental in the growth and evolution of several restaurant chains such as Mi Cocina Restaurants, Razzoo’s Cajun Cafes, and Bone Daddy’s Barbecue Restaurants. Also, its design has uniquely positioned such boutique restaurants as The Mercury Grill (New American), Taco Diner (Contemporary Taqueria), and most recently Marquee Grill at Highland Park Village. As with its residential design, ZERO3 uses its integrated approach to Architecture and Interior Design to create environments which delight and entertain its restaurant customers, and ultimately contribute to the profitability of ZERO3 commercial clients.

During the past twenty-four years ZERO3 has established itself as an innovative, creative, and dedicated design firm, with a strong and diversified staff, and consultants, able to meet the demands unique to each project. ZERO3 stands firm in its commitment to do the same in the years to come. ZERO3’s best work is yet to be realized.