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Welcome to the 2018 AIA Dallas Tour of Homes. As Dallas expands and its urban density increases, the variety of housing solutions continues to evolve.

This year’s Tour of Homes Committee will strive to showcase the variety of residential work available in Dallas, with offerings ranging from multi-family developments to single-family construction to historical restorations and renovations. 

The focus of this tour will be to highlight unique design solutions, while emphasizing the importance of working with an architect to achieve a high level of creative, personal results. 

Tour of Homes Selection Criteria (but not limited to):

  • Completed application
  • Home availability during tour dates (October 20-21) and Premiere Party date* if applicable (October 18)
  • Unique design solutions, quality of craftsmanship, innovative use of materials, relationship between architect/builder/owner. Sustainable design is not a requirement but is considered a plus
  • Current site plan
  • Logical feasibility for tour, including but not limited to:
    • Access to project (location within the Dallas area)
    • Circulation route (how the public will navigate through the space)
    • Available parking
    • Location in relation to the other homes on the tour
    • Signed owner agreement



  1. Eligibility and authorship: It is the intention of the Tour of Homes Committee and the AIA Dallas Board of Directors that the tour showcase the architectural designs of registered Dallas architects who are members of AIA and demonstrate the value of using an architect. While we know that a firm operates as a team, the project submitted for the tour must be the direct work of the registered architect, or work closely supervised and directed by the firm principal who is a registered ar Therefore, all entries must be submitted by individuals or firm principals who are registered architects and current members of AIA Dallas. *If applicant is not a current AIA member of AIA Dallas, an entry can still be submitted with a $50 entry fee. If the home is selected to be on the tour, the applicant has until July 1, 2017 to become an AIA member. Otherwise, the home will be dropped from the tour. Please contact AIA Dallas at  214-742-3242 for information on membership.
  2. Accuracy: Information submitted in this application may be used in tour publications if project is selected; thoughtful and appropriate answers should be submitted at this time.
  3. Project Completion: If the project is under construction, it must be substantially completed by June 1, 2018.  Projects not substantially complete (as defined per AIA document A201) by June 1, 2018, may be dropped from the tour. Preference will be given to houses that are furnished and occupied.
  4. Entry Deadline: Application submissions must be delivered to AIA Dallas by 5pm, Monday, March 12, 2018.
  5. Project Visits: Each project must be available for viewing by the Home Tour committee between the dates of March 20th and March 31st. These site visits will take place following the application deadline during a two week review period. The committee will schedule the respective time and date however, the architect will be responsible for coordinating with the home owner to view the home and confirm the scheduled time and date.
  6. Final Selections: Tour homes should be announced by April 20th, 2018. If your project is selected, a representative from your firm is required to be a contact for the committee to provide further information and instructions pertaining to the tour.
  7. Multiple submissions: Multiple homes may be submitted from any one firm or applicant.
  8. Upon selection for the tour, each architect will be required to fill  out  a  questionnaire about the project and submit agreements from the owner. In the questionnaire all project participants must be listed such as, but not limited to, contractor,  landscape  architect, interior designer and developer. If the project is located within a neighborhood association and/or gated  community,  the  association  must  give  written  authorization  for  the  tour. A list of subcontractors and vendors associated with the home must be provided by the architect, builder, and/or owner.
  9. The architect or representative from the architect’s firm must be in the home during tour hours. Additionally, it is strongly recommended that the architects provide docents within the home, in addition to the representative.
  10. If selected, architects must attend the Tour of Homes orientation on April 27th, 2018.



  1. Owners and architects must be available for media coverage and photography prior to the tour. Every attempt to give advance notice will be The identification of the owners will be withheld from publication if requested. AIA Dallas strives to obtain any and all media outlets for thorough coverage of the tour. All homes must be made available for photography and all architects available for interviews.
  2. Sponsorship: No materials or representation may be displayed in the home without paid sponsorship. This includes the builders, subcontractors, installers, the owner’s place of business or affiliation, realtors, interior designers, Architects, builders, and owners are expected to assist in the procurement of sponsors for their homes.
  3. Disqualification: The Tour of Homes Committee reserves the right to disqualify any selected architect and home if the above rules are not adhered to at any time.
  4. Final photography is due to AIA Dallas by June 4, 2018.


1. Upon selection for the tour, each architect must assist in the procurement of sponsors.

2. A list of firms, individuals, subcontractors, artisans, etc. who have worked on the project must be submitted and will be used for sponsorship solicitation primarily by the architect with resources and support provided by the Tour of Homes committee.


March 12th: Entry Deadline

March 19-April 13th: Project Visits

April 20th: Final Selections

April 27th: Tour of Homes Orientation

June 1st: Substantial Completion (if applicable)

June 4th: Project Photography due to AIA Dallas

July 1st: Deadline to become an AIA Member

October 18th: Premiere Party

October 20th-21st: 2018 AIA Dallas Tour of Homes



Project Application must include all of the following to be considered:

  • Completed Application
  • One page, project synopsis (150 word minimum) that describes the project and why the project meets the Tour of Homes selection criteria. If selected, this synopsis will be used in Modern Luxury Interiors Texas and should include language that appeals to the general  public from an architectural and design standpoint. Please avoid jargon and highlight topics such as challenges, or unique aspects of the design. 
  • Full list of team/consultants including (if applicable): Contractor, Landscape Architect, Interior Designer, Structural Engineer, Lighting Designer, MEP Firm, Civil Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, Sustainability Consultant, etc. If selected, his list will be used in Modern Luxury Interiors Texas. Please be thorough.
  • Current site plan and floor plan(s).
  • Photographs (credits included) of key areas in and around the home (5 to 10 high-quality/resolution images).
  • Any renderings and/or other media that would help to convey the design intent

Please email files to khowell@aiadallas.org using Dropbox, or another file sharing program.

Sorry, we are not taking applications at this time.